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BYE 24.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Yesterday was my birthday and I’m grateful for another beautiful year ahead.

I did nothing special, went to the gmy and back home, then later on I went for dinner.

25 sounds adventurous filled with great opportunities.

 As a young lady,  24 has taught me ..

  • To Get my Finances together.
  • Invest in myself and family.
  • Deciding What Friends  to share Memories With.
  • Networking
  • Doing something new.
  • Listening to my parents more .
  • Being the coolest auntie around
  • Editing my past and laughing at my youth.
  • Learning how to live with people.
  • Taking care of my body.
  • Owning nice things.
  • Getting a jobs i  LOVE as an influencer.
  • Embracing growing up.

I truly appreciate the birthday wishes .



Dress- Thrift .

Shoes   – Backyardshoez